3 tastings events per month to 15 events per month

On May 8, 2019, Governor Janet Mills signed into law as PL 2019, chapter 79, An Act to Update
Alcohol Taste-Testing Requirements. The Legislature passed this bill out with an emergency
preamble which means these changes are in effect NOW.

The top line news here – we go from 3 tastings events per month to 15 events per month. An event
can include the taste-testing of beer, wine, spirits, a combination of two or more or all of these categories. Whatever the combination, this is considered one event for the purposes of taste-
testing. All very good and exciting news!!

Here are some details about other changes that were enacted as part of the amendment to the law:
• Regardless of the category, in order to qualify to conduct an event, you must have at least
100 product codes in stock for the category of the tasting event. Previously, each category
had a different stocking threshold to qualify, so now they are all the same. To be clear,
each category that will be tasted at the event will require 100 codes of product per category.
• For spirits, any proof product can be taste-tested at the event. Previously, a product over
80 proof could not be taste-tested at the same event as product 80 proof or under.
• Off-premises retailers under this law can submit applications for separate events or all of
the events for the upcoming month. If you submit your request for an upcoming month,
and need change the schedule to add, you must submit a separate application. The updated
application is attached for your reference or can be found in Section 5, form #3 on our website at https://www.maine.gov/dafs/bablo/liquor-licensing/license-and-permit-

Along with this memo, you will find a copy of the PL 2019, chapter 79 and the Application for Retail or Agency Liquor Store Taste Testing Event Permit to use apply for a taste-testing event permit. The form is a fillable format pdf document that you can complete on screen and print or email to our office, If you have any questions, please contact me at (207) 287-6750 or Tim.Poulin@Maine.gov.