• MISSION STATEMENT: We are a community dedicated to the prosperity of Maine’s grocery and food producer industry through excellence in advocacy, networking and education.

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    Annual Dues Based on your Organization's Annual Sales Volume
    $165 Under $1 Million
    $325 $1 Million to $5 Million
    $655 $5 Million to $10 Million
    $1300 $10 Million to $50 Million
    $2885 $50 Million to $100 Million
    $3990 $100 Million to $500 Million
    $5775 over $500 Million
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    For your convenience, membership dues can be paid by check or online via Paypal

    To pay by check: Please make checks payable to the Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association (MGFPA) and mail with this completed form to Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association. P.O. Box 5234, Augusta, Maine 04332-05234

    To pay online with a credit card: Please click the Payment link on the confirmation page after you submitted this form.

    Membership Dues Investment

    Annual Dues are based on previous year’s gross sales amount in Maine. The MGFPA is a 501(c)6 organization and our Tax ID # is 01-0165097.

    Note: 20% of dues are NOT deductible for federal income tax purposes under Section 162(E)(2), because they are allocable to lobbying activities.

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